Martin Thorel

Brujah Elder, Prince


Martin Thorel appears to be a youth of average height and slim build. In fact, he looks like he was Embraced while still in his late teens – perhaps 18 or 19 at most.

He has almost platinum blonde hair, thick eyebrows, and a sharp and well-formed chin. His eyes are dark emerald green, and there are many who have noted a strange quality about them.

He is cold and distant for a Brujah, but he has shown a power and anger in public great enough to concern even the most jaded kindred.


He often allows Gabrielle, his Seneschal, to speak for him. In fact, Martin has not been seen at Elysium in over a year, and this absence is not without precedent.

However, he has proven to be an effective Prince. He was one of the first kindred in the city, bringing Gabrielle D’Aveline and John Cray with him from Europe over a hundred and fifty years ago. Even the devastation of the Civil War did not shake Martin’s control. In fact, where many other regions of the South suffered deep declines in the wake of the war, the Prince’s rule has led to incredible prosperity in his realm.

The Prince technically holds the entire city as his domain, but he maintains special control over city hall and the police. He has strictly forbidden any direct outside influence in these two spheres.

Martin Thorel

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