Gabrielle D’Aveline

Toreador Elder, Primogen/Seneschal


She is a breathtaking beauty with golden hair and porcelain skin. She conducts herself with an elegant confidence, and she often speaks for the Prince during official functions. She has never been known to raise her voice in public, but it would be a grave error to mistake her courtesy for weakness or her smile for good will.


Gabrielle’s domain is the Opera House and surrounding streets. An invitation to her private salon is known to artists and aristocrats as one of the most elite invitations in Amherst. The city’s Toreador are always welcome, but only a few other kindred have standing invitations. All other vampires must receive an official invite to attend.

She is part of Martin Thorel’s inner circle along with John Cray. The three of them have controlled the city for over a hundred and fifty years.

Gabrielle D’Aveline

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