John Cray

Gangrel Elder, Primogen


He maintains a simple but well-groomed appearance. He has chestnut colored hair and a thick beard. Though perhaps not handsome, he carries himself with a calm confidence which demands respect.


John Cray is something of a hermit. Though he bucks the stereotype of feral hunter, he reveals his Gangrel blood in his preference for solitude. He rarely attends Elysium, and it is even rarer to see him converse with anyone but Martin Thorel or Gabrielle D’Aveline. He generally uses Andrew Royce as his proxy when acting within his office of Primogen.

He is known to be deeply involved in studying the esoteric history and metaphysics of the vampiric condition. His domain is the New Ulster University, a private school with one of the best philosophy and theology departments in the United States.

John Cray

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