Vivian Duvall

Toreador Ancilla, Harpy


To say that Vivian’s face is angelic would be a gross understatement. She has a face that would have given Helen of Troy a run for her money, and she has a vivacious and friendly personality in public. She is a brunette with silky curls, and she has deep brown eyes. Her skin is milky white, and she has a perfectly formed figure. She was likely Embraced in her late teens.


Vivian was Embraced somewhere in the Deep South, but no one knows for sure where or when. She is extremely adept at controlling just about any conversation.

Vivian is known to associate with Manfred von Ostberg. Their cooperation has raised some eyebrows among the Amherst kindred, given Manfred’s “strong” personality.

Vivian Duvall

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