Annette Brochard

Malkavian Neonate


Annette has an exotic and striking appearance, though she often also appears unkempt and slightly crazed. She would seem to be of mixed heritage, suggesting that she might have been a slave herself in her native Haiti.

She speaks with a French accent. Her hair is black and thick, and though her skin is white, there is a dark tint to it. Her eyes are jet black, and they have been described as “piercing.”


Most kindred in the city, even the young ones, have heard about Annette’s grand entrance to Amherst almost ninety years ago. She arrived on a derelict frigate fleeing the fires of the Haitian Revolution. She was discovered hiding the hold, already Embraced by the blood of Malkav.

According to some, she successfully predicted the Canaan Slave Rebellion of 1809 not long after being welcomed into Amherst, making her of particular interest to certain parties.

She associates with Otto Dietrich and Samuel Grant.

She is eccentric, though this is not surprising considering her Malkavian heritage. She maintains domain in the well-to-do Wellington neighborhood.

Annette Brochard

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