Edward Graywood

Ventrue Elder, Primogen


He is a grim sort of man with a dark countenance, and he shows a clear disdain for anyone who he considers beneath him – which includes almost everyone. He has black hair and gray blue eyes, and he is of average height and weight.


Graywood is one of the city’s principal financial powers. He has built a mercantile empire with influence throughout much of the city. His domain incorporates much of northern King Street, and it is centered around Graywood Plaza, a major retail and financial center. He acts as the Primogen of Clan Ventrue.

His only childe, Adam Sinclair, met his Final Death under mysterious circumstances in 1862. Diana Everton, a Tremere and associate of Adam’s, was also found destroyed. There are still rumors about what really happened, but most seem to think it was a lupine attack.

Edward Graywood

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